Akuffo Addo:Twilight After Darkness

Like spectators of a football match,watching the last penalty kick of a match,many may have held their breath as the roller–coaster political career of Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo,the president–elect of  Ghana,came to a crossroad in December 2016.Having run for two earlier times as presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party(NPP),Akuffo Addo’s lost this time round would have meant an end to his presidential ambitions.At age 72,he never had the strength to fight for another time as he did some eight years ago.His fellow party members were now beginning to lose hope in his candidacy and as a result were seeking for a new face to lead the new era.The heightened expectations of fellow party members and his age made a win in the December 7 2016 polls more crucial than ever for him.

Having competed for the first time in the presidential primaries of the NPP in 1998 without success,Akuffo played a significant role in the NPP administration,led by Former President Kuffour ,which spanned 2000 to 2008.He served as the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Attorney General for Ghana.In 2008,Akuffo Addo once again contested for the presidential candidacy of the NPP and this time came out successful.He run against the Late John Evans Atta Mills in the 2008 presidential election but unfortunately lost out in the run off elections having led the first round.

In 2012,Akuffo Addo was reelected by the NPP to run for the presidential election.The demise of the sitting president John Atta Mills few months to election made everyone speculate how easy it was for Akuffo Addo to win.The votes were cast and it turned out many Ghanaians had chosen John Dramani Mahama–the then vice president.The NPP challenged the credulity of the results and sued the electoral commission in court.After nearly eight months of court proceedings,the jury dismissed the claims of the NPP and announced that John Dramani Mahama was validly elected.

Then the time came again for him to run for the presidency after several unfortunate happenings within his party.A run that could be his last shot at his goal.In his eyes it was written all over how much he needed to win.Then the hour came and he had made it.A breath-catching moment for him. Akuffo  Addo’s light had finally shone.


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