Die is cast for Jammeh

A final decision has been reached by the ECOWAS for Gambia president Yahaya Jammeh


Jammeh stays put despite threats from neighboring countries.

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh is refusing to step down despite the threat of military intervention by neighbouring states. Adama Barrow, who beat him in elections last month, is due to be inaugurated as the new president on Thursday, but Mr Jammeh has ignored the deadline. West African military forces are ready to enforce a transfer … Continue reading Jammeh stays put despite threats from neighboring countries.

Is Africa the new hotspot?

Sub-Saharan Africa isn’t generally discussed in terms of being a hotspot for smartphone usage, but in the last few months we’ve heard from a growing number of voices discussing the region as the next big opportunity. IDC estimates the most developed markets in the region now boast smartphone penetration rates at around 50 per cent, with East … Continue reading Is Africa the new hotspot?